Single page application in mvc 4

Chapter 1. Putting ASP.


NET MVC is a Web development framework from Microsoft that combines the effectiveness and tidiness of model-view-controller MVC architecture, the most up-to-date ideas and techniques from agile development, and the best parts of the existing ASP.

NET platform. It is a complete alternative to traditional ASP.

Single Page Applications with Microsoft

Adam Freeman Chapter 2. I take things a step at single page application in mvc 4 time so you can polnische männer flirten how an ASP. To keep things simple, I will skip over some of the technical details for the moment.

If you are new to MVC, you will find plenty to keep you interested.

single page application in mvc 4

Where I use something without explaining it, I provide a reference to the chapter in which you can find all the details. Adam Freeman Chapter 3. In this chapter, I describe the following: Adam Freeman Chapter 4. Essential Language Features Abstract C is a feature-rich language and not all programmers are familiar with all of the features I rely on in this book.


In this chapter, I describe the C language features that a good MVC programmer needs to know and that I use in examples throughout this book. Adam Freeman Chapter 5. NET content and looks for instructions, typically to insert dynamic content into the output sent to a browser and Razor is the name of the MVC Framework view engine. There are no changes to Razor in MVC 5 and if you are already familiar with the syntax from earlier versions you can skip ahead.

Adam Freeman Chapter 6.

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Adam Freeman Chapter 7. Now it is time to put everything together and build a simple but realistic e-commerce application.

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Adam Freeman Chapter 8. Navigation Abstract In the previous chapter, I set up the core infrastructure of the SportsStore application. Now I will use that infrastructure to add features to the application and you will start to see how the investment in the basic plumbing pays off. I will be able to add important customer-facing features simply and easily and, along the way, you will see some additional functionality that the MVC Framework provides. Adam Freeman Chapter 9. In the previous chapter, I added the basic support for a shopping cart and now I am going to improve on and complete that functionality.


Adam Freeman Chapter Mobile Abstract There is no escaping the popularity of devices such as smartphones and tablets, and if you want to deliver your application to the widest possible audience, you will have to embrace the world of mobile web browsers. If I sound single page application in mvc 4 than enthusiastic, it is because the phrase mobile web browsers runs the gamut from fast, capable, and modern browsers that can rival a decent desktop browser right through to the slow, inconsistent, and outdated.

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Administration Abstract In this chapter, I continue to build the SportsStore application in order to give the site administrator a way of managing the product catalog. I will add support for creating, editing, and removing items from the product repository, as well as for uploading and displaying images alongside products in the catalog.

Single Page Applications — Teil 4: Ein Code-Beispiel NET WebForms.

In this chapter, I am going to show you how to prevent random people from using the administration functions by password-protecting access to the entire Admin controller. Once Single page application in mvc 4 have the security in place, I will complete the SportsStore app by adding support for product images. This may seem like a simple feature, but it requires some interesting MVC techniques. Deployment Abstract The final, and critical, step in application development is deployment: In this chapter, I'll show you how to prepare and deploy the SportsStore application.

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This chapter gives an overview of the structure and nature of an ASP. NET MVC application, including the default project structure and naming conventions, some of which are optional and some of which are hard-coded into the way that the MVC Framework operates.

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NET assumed that there was a direct relationship between requested URLs and the files on the server hard disk. The job of the server was to receive the request from the browser and deliver the output from the corresponding file. Advanced Routing Features Abstract In the previous chapter, I showed you how to use the routing system to handle incoming URLs, but this is only part of the story. You also need to single page application in mvc 4 able use your URL schema to generate outgoing URLs you can embed in your views, so that users can click links and submit forms back to your application in a way that will target the correct controller and action.

ASP.NET MVC 5 Schulung

In this chapter, I will show you different techniques for generating outgoing URLs, show you how to customize the routing system by replacing the standard MVC routing implementation classes and use the MVC Framework areas feature, which allows you to break a large and complex MVC application into manageable chucks. Table provides the summary for this chapter.

Controllers and Actions Abstract Every request that comes to your application is handled by a controller. This means that controllers do not contain or store data, nor do they generate user interfaces. They provide a simple and elegant way to implement cross-cutting concerns.

ASP.NET MVC - Model View Controller

Classic examples of cross-cutting concerns are logging, authorization, and caching. In this chapter, I show you the different categories of filters that the MVC Framework supports, how to create and use custom filters, and how to control their execution. Controller Extensibility Abstract In this chapter, I am going to show you some of the advanced MVC features for working with controllers.

I start this chapter by exploring the parts of the request handling process single page application in mvc 4 lead to the execution of an action method and demonstrating the different ways to take control of it.

Figure shows the basic flow of control between components. As you learned, the most commonly used action result is ViewResult, which causes a view to be rendered and returned to the client. You have seen views being used in many examples already, so you know roughly what they do. In this chapter, I focus and clarify that knowledge. I begin by showing you how the MVC Framework handles ViewResults using view engines, including demonstrating how to create a custom view engine.

Inhalte ASP.NET MVC Schulung

Next, I will describe techniques for working effectively with the built-in Razor View Engine. Then I will cover how to create and use partial single page application in mvc 4, child actions, and Razor sections, which are all essential topics for effective MVC development. Helper Methods Abstract In this chapter, I look at the helper methods, which allow you to package up chunks of code and markup so that they can be reused throughout an MVC Framework application.

I start by showing you how to create your own helper methods. The MVC Framework comes with a wide range of built-in helper methods, and I explore them in this chapter and the next two chapters, starting with the helper methods that you can use to create HTML form, input and select elements.

CheckBoxFor and Html. TextBoxFor, generate a specific type of element, which means that I have to decide in advance what kinds of elements should be used to represent model properties and to manually update the views if the type of a property changes.

Zielgruppe ASP.NET MVC Seminar

Ajax is a key feature of any rich Web application and the MVC Framework includes some useful features that are based on the jQuery library. I'll show you how this works and demonstrate how you can use it to create Ajax-enabled forms and links. Model Binding Abstract Model binding is the process of creating. I have been relying on the model binding process each time I have defined an action method that takes a parameter.

The parameter objects are created through model binding from the data in the request.

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In this chapter, I'll show you how the model binding system works and demonstrate single page application in mvc 4 techniques required to customize it for advanced use. Throughout that chapter, I worked on the basis that the data the user supplied was valid.

The reality is that users will often enter data that isn't valid and cannot be flirten pdf, which leads me to the topic of this chapter: Bundles Abstract In this chapter, I am going to look at the bundles feature, which the MVC Framework provides to organize and optimize the CSS and JavaScript files that views and layouts cause the browser to request from the server. Adam Freeman.